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Anita Williams Income Tax


Anita Williams Income Tax is a family business that has been in operation since 1971 beginning in Washington D.C.  After learning the ropes based out of our nation's capitol, Anita Williams relocated to Albany Georgia in 1975 and has been serving the residents of Albany and surrounding counties ever since. We have locations in Albany, and one in Poulan, which is right outside of Sylvester.

We have been a part of the E-file system since 1989. Thats why we know how to easily navigate the electronic filing process for your benefit. In addition to being seasoned pros, our staff also attends the IRS tax forums each year to stay current with the latest tax laws for the upcoming year.


Now you know why your most dependable option for tax returns in Albany Georgia is Anita Williams Income Tax.  Click here to view more info about our offices, people and specialties.


You can find basic tax forms and other useful information here. View our list of services here and when you have questions, give us a call or come by the office here. We look forward to serving you year after year.